Can Stress Cause Hair Loss

Can stress cause hair loss?

Can Stress Cause Hair Loss

Can Stress Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss can arise from a large number of possible reasons, and it is clearly a very frequent problem for countless individuals. Hair loss can be an inherited issue, as well as a response from other medical treatments and conditions. Although, many people do not acknowledge this, hair loss frequently occurs because of excessive stress. Stress is also an highly, recurrent issue among individuals today, and even though many refuse to accept it, it does have an affect on hair loss. Instead of slowing down we are in high gear doing our everyday routine, work, attending to the kids, errands, hence decreasing stress levels, individuals frequently turn to medical treatments.

Stress caused by being excessively concerned, can cause hair loss, balding and thinning. Being stressed and distressed (fearful, worried, edgy, tense) causes our body to manufacture the stress response. The stress response releases stress hormones circulating through the body’s bloodstream traveling to targeted spots to conduct specific physical, cognitive, and emotional changes that intensify the body’s capacity to deal with a warning to either fight with or escape from it—which is the basis of why the stress response is called the acute stress response.

Because the stress response is expected to trigger a noticeable change so that we are more prepared to deal with an competitor, stress hormones are robust. Even though stress hormones are robust, hormones, as a whole, are robust, too. Hormones dominate many of our body’s functions, such as development, fertility, vitality, and how the body grows. A shift in hormone levels can have an overwhelming effect on the body and how it functions. Also hormones can affect each other when certain hormone levels are raised, causing an increase and/or decrease in the levels of additional hormones, which can result in all kinds of bodily function changes and irregularities.

Stress and hair loss do not have to be everlasting. Does hair loss from stress grow back? If you get your stress under control, your hair might thrive causing it to grow back like weeds.

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