Cause Of Excessive Dandruff

Are you experiencing excess flakes on your shoulders every time you brush or comb your hair? The flakes seem to get worse even if you shampoo, and you still have a dry flaky scalp after washing hair.

Cause Of Excessive Dandruff

Cause Of Excessive Dandruff

Well this is known as dandruff causing the scalp to be scaly, dry, and flaking, a problem faced by thousands of women and men. It is not only unbearable and humiliating but it can have an impact on the health of your hair. It’s essential to keep the hair and scalp clean to remove any flakes to promote the best environment for hair growth. So if you’re wondering, ‘is there any connection between thinning hair and dandruff?’ the answer is yes. Keep a healthy, conditioned scalp to prevent and stop dandruff to promote hair growth.

Dandruff Causes Itchy Scalp and Thinning Hair

Dandruff is caused by repeated skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema or seborrheic dermatitis. Seek advice from a dermatologist to make sure these conditions are not causing your dandruff.
If you find you do not have any of these conditions, your dandruff is stemming from another condition. Dry itchy scalp and dandruff can be aggravated by everyday burdens
and causes. Tension can increase dry scalp, and not having the proper nutritional diet could even increase dandruff. In colder seasons the dry winter weather outside merged with dry heated air inside can affect the dry scalp causing it to be itchier and flakier.

To ease dandruff and eliminate flakes, shampoo hair and scalp frequently with a gentle shampoo. Ignore the myth that you should not shampoo daily to protect hair and scalp. Under these conditions it is necessary. In fact, if the shampoo is tranquilizing and includes natural ingredients, it is recommended to use it frequently. Shampooing frequently aids in cleaning flakes and any oily secretion from the scalp, cleansing the skin to produce the perfect scalp environment for hair growth. Also, a scalp massage while you shampoo helps boost circulation to the scalp. A clean and energized scalp is less likely to irritation and dandruff.

Healing dandruff for hair loss prevention can be as easy as finding what causes dandruff, visiting with your dermatologist, and sustain a clean and healthy scalp. For additional comfort and to subdue itchy scalp, try a topical serum or lotion with menthol for a tingling, revived scalp.

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