Day To Day Executions That Govern Hair Loss

If you are one of many that are experiencing hair loss

How to Protect Your Hair From Hair Fall

How to Protect Your Hair From Hair Fall

then you must go over your practices for hair as these repeated methods can damage your precious locks.

Start with the list below and go over your day to day practices to halt the offender that affects your hair loss.

Eating Routine

  • What is hair made of ? The answer is Protein, making sure you have sufficient amounts of protein in your diet is critical for manufacturing strong and healthy hair. If you are not ingesting enough protein in your diet, your hair is likely to become dry, fragile and easily damaged. Highly low protein diets may result in hair loss. Select chicken, turkey, fish, dairy products and eggs as very good origins of protein besides vegetarian sources such as legumes which are a class of vegetables that includes beans, peas and lentils.

    Nutrition is important for the health of the body as well as healthy hair so if you’re not eating the proper foods on a daily basis then it could lead to hair loss. Research has conveyed that lack of essential nutrients like protein, minerals and vitamins can lead to the unhealthy development of hair follicles. Those who support crash diets for losing weight find that these crash diets impact their hair more than the other parts of their body. So it’s critically important to incorporate protein in your meals which will enable your hair to be strong and healthy. Consuming Junk food should be limited or avoided because a poor diet will only result in unhealthy hair.

Clean Hair

  • Washing your hair on a regular basis is considered to be the ideal method to clean your scalp of buildup. Although removing the build up must be performed in the correct manner. To start the process you need the right choice of shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo and conditioner should be selected according to your hair type and texture, for example, I have dry brittle hair so I would utilize the sulfate free shampoo.

    When washing your hair stay away from hot water try to use lukewarm because hot water leaves your hair dry. After the shampooing follows with conditioner so that it can lock the moisture of hair and rinse the hair with cold water. Remember washing your hair too much can strip all essential oils from your hair which can result in weak and frizzy hair. So wash your hair once or twice in a week as per the hair type to avoid stripping of essential oils.

Massaging The Scalp

  • Massaging the scalp regularly with olive oil, jojoba oil or an oil of your choice to stimulate your hair follicles is good for healthy hair. Scalp massages help your hair grow faster as well as stimulate the blood flow and this in return provides more nourishment to the hair roots. The increased flow makes certain that every individual hair is conditioned with nutrients. This is a very effective way to stimulate hair growth and the scalp massage has many widespread benefits for our wellbeing as well.

Hair Care Tools

  • Curling irons and blow dryers should be set to the lowest effective setting: Certainly, it isn’t something you haven’t heard before that your blow dryer, curling iron, and flat irons are big offenders in causing damage to your hair. And yet, we still utilize them almost day to day! “Be conscious of how frequently you utilize these tools and to reduce damage, if you have to use these tools regularly utilize heat protectant spray. Also, try to use a moderate heat setting possible for your flat iron and your curling iron.

    Hair Care Products

    • Harsh chemicals that are mixed in the hair care products like silicone-based products, alcohol-based products, fragrance, inexpensive shampoos, protein-based conditioners, zinc pyrithione and coal tar, heat protectants, products with parabens, and gels can make hair weak and fizzy and cause hair loss and prevent growth. All of these ingredients in products that can lead to unhealthy hair. Read products carefully before purchasing.

    Hair Fashion

    • When selecting hairstyles choose wisely. Your hairstyles can also result into pulling of hair follicles and result in hair loss. Tight braids, tight buns, tight weaves and tight ponytails damage the hairs as these hairstyles put stress on the hair roots. All theses styles can still be worn as long as they are not done too tight to prevent hair loss. If it hurts you to blink your eyes after you have gotten one of these styles done then it’s too tight.

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