Early Male Pattern Baldness Signs

The mystery about hair loss is that it

Male Pattern Baldness Early Signs

Male Pattern Baldness Early Signs

doesn’t matter how old you are or if you’re a male or female. Therefore hair loss is important to monitor especially in the early stages so it can be addressed before it gets out of control. Hair loss in men has a tendency to transpire at the crown, temples, and hairline. In general, male pattern hair loss the most common type of hair loss is caused by male hormones and genetic predisposition.

Other components, such as higher testosterone levels, can also contribute to male pattern baldness. In spite of the name, male pattern baldness isn’t limited to men, females can also be affected. The difference with female pattern baldness is it usually results in the hair thinning across the entire scalp. Hair thinning in women is much more common after the menopause. However, male pattern balding normally begins in the hairline. At a slow pace, hair starts to become thin at the temples and the front hairline. In the time it will recede that is why it is crucial to seek Male or Female pattern baldness treatments in the earliest possible stages. Most treatments are more successful in the early stages than in more developed stages of hair loss.

Male Pattern Baldness Early Signs:

  • Male pattern baldness normally occurs in the same fashion for everyone. A good sign of male pattern baldness is hair moving away from the temple area in an “M” pattern. This is known as a receding hairline and the results are caused by your hair follicles shrinking, resulting in thinning hair. As the follicle shrinks, each new hair is thinner than the previous one.

  • Genetic factors may also play a significant role. If on your mother’s side of the family there was any baldness, you are more likely to be subjected to male pattern baldness. If the men in your family tend to be bald or balding, it’s more probable that you will have male pattern baldness as well.

  • Another familiar sign of male pattern baldness is hair loss at the crown of the head leading to a unique “horseshoe” pattern of hair still existing on the sides and back of the head.


Female or Male pattern baldness doesn’t take place immediately. It’s a slow process as independent hair follicles stop making hair. If you’re noticing more than normal quantities of hair in the shower, sink or in your comb, see your dermatologist or healthcare professional. Hair loss due to male pattern baldness is normally identified from the pattern and appearance of the hair loss.

Additional causes for balding such as anxiety, lacking sufficient nutrition, or skin diseases and disorders, can frequently be prevented and reversed with early intervention; yet with male pattern baldness, hair loss is normally indefinite

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