What Can Cause Female Hair Loss

Women battle with hair loss day-to-day

Reasons For Hairfall In Females

Reasons For Hairfall In Females

50 to 100 strands clearly from brushing and styling. If you are experiencing losing this amount of hair a day don’t be alarmed this is actually normal hair loss. If hair is coming out in large amounts or you notice round areas of bald patches then there is certainly a problem and treatment will be established upon the specified source.

The following causes should be explored if you are encountering more than normal hair loss.

  • Alopecia Areata – is an autoimmune condition distinguished by random bald spots on head, basically the body is take aggressive action against the hair follicles.

  • Nutrition – an unbalanced diet particularly one with the absence of sufficient protein can result in short-term hair loss. Women who are anemic which is a decrease in a number of red blood cells often results in hair loss. A deficiency of iron or vitamin-rich foods harshly affects the body’s ability to manufacture an adequate amount of
    healthy red blood cells.

  • Menopause – because of the change in hormones hair loss in the course of menopause is normally an immediate reaction of fluctuating hormone levels. Throughout this phase hair loss can increase rapidly and sad to say this can be indefinite.

  • Stress – increased hair loss can occur follow an incident of tension, agitation, major surgery, anxiety, fear, pregnancies, death or divorce. These causes are nonpermanent and hair growth will return to normal in due course.

  • Shampooing – surfactant which is an ingredient contained in shampoos can be irritating to the scalp causing itching and scratching therefore resulting in increased hair loss.

  • Genetic Makeup – characteristics genetically from one generation to another.

  • Health Conditions – cancer, thyroid gland problems, lupus and diabetes can precipitate hair loss.

  • Inappropriate Hair Care – manipulating, straightening, blow drying, over coloring, and hot rollers you may experience increased hair loss.

Fortunately, the majority of these issues, you can find things to help grow hair back or the hair loss can be turned around with medical treatments. However it is critical to meet with your physician if the hair loss is extreme. The sooner you seek treatment, the better the possibilities are for making your condition better.

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