Does Radiation Cause Hair Loss

Does radiation cause hair Does? Yes, radiation therapy will normally cause hair loss to the area that is being treated.

Does All Chemotherapy Cause Hair Loss

Does Radiation Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss can be one of the most devastating things to go through when undergoing radiation therapy. It is a very targeted and extremely powerful way to demolish cancer cells in the breast that remain after surgery. In spite of what many patient fear, simple and easy to handle and its side effects are restricted to the treated area.

For example, if your leg was to be treated with radiation, you may lose any hair on your leg, yet the hair on your head would not be affected. Hair loss or uncontrolled baldness occurs when an individual undergoes chemotherapy. This is because with this type of treatment all rapidly dividing cells, healthy cells and the cancer cells are treated. Throughout the treatment, the tiny structures within the skin that are filled with blood vessels are liable for hair growth are disunited, as a result all the cells are destroyed. This is the basis for hair loss and uncontrolled baldness. Although, when being treated for radiation it would only affect the targeted area that is being treated.

Hair follicles are very responsive to radiation, and radiation therapy can cause you to lose your hair. But, Radiation will only cause hair loss when the treatment is used directly on the scalp or when treatment is focused on hair follicles in other areas of the body. You need to remember that hair is composed of proteins. Proteins altered under high heat, which is what radiation is and will cause your hair to fall out.

A large number of people experience drowsiness, sensitive skin when being exposed to radiation, and emotional anguish during treatment. A smart way to safeguard yourself is to allow for extra rest, eat a healthy diet and find emotional support. It’s also a good idea to treat your skin with cream, Salve, agreed by your healthcare provider and reduce your subjection to the sun.

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