How To Moisturize Hair With Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the number one hair moisturizer for dry hair.

 How To Condition Hair With Coconut Oil

How To Condition Hair With Coconut Oil

As a hair conditioner coconut oil provides dry and brittle hair with moisture, motivates thriving hair growth, prevents hair loss, encourages a healthy scalp, and reduces dandruff. It also supplies the necessary proteins needed to maintain dry, damaged hair and revives the hair very rapidly. Coconut oil has been used for many years to execute silky, healthy hair. Its small molecular composition allows for trouble-free absorption by the hair shaft. Elevated quantities of saturated fats give it mega-hydrating resources that imbue hair with moisture and softness. Coconut oil for hair damage is an amazingly favorable treatment for dry, brittle or over- processed hair. It has long been admired as a hair conditioner due to its high moisture preserving properties.

How To Keep Hair Moist Utilizing Coconut Oil

Massaging the hair frequently with coconut oil helps your scalp to be free of dandruff, lice, flaking, and dryness. Because of its antioxidant properties it is in addition known to safeguard hair from becoming gray with age. Lightly work coconut oil into the hair and scalp and massage for up to 5 minutes a day. You can also heat the coconut oil as a hot oil treatment and massage into the hair from roots to the ends. After rinse hair out with cold water and let air dry.

Using coconut oil as a pre-shampoo conditioner can help with damage or dry brittle hair. The key is to allow the coconut oil to soak into your hair for several hours, or even overnight to nourish and penetrate the hair strands and help to repair. For optimum results apply to damp hair, cover with a shower cap and let the coconut oil penetrate your hair overnight. In the morning shampoo hair and let air dry. Another way you can utilize the oil is in small amounts as an after-shampoo conditioner or styling gel. Just warm up a teaspoon (or less) of the solid oil in your hands not to hot and apply to damp hair and scalp.

Remember when utilizing coconut oil for hair moisture the amount you’ll need will depend on the length and thickness of your hair. If you have long, thick hair, use 5 teaspoons; if your hair is shorter and thinner, you only need 3 or 4 teaspoons. Thick, shiny, achievable and healthy hair can be yours, with coconut oil! You can even get rid of any commercial conditioners, shine, and styling products, and replace them with this all-natural solution coconut oil.

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