Does Brushing Your Hair Damage It

Brushing your hair the right way is really important.

How To Properly Brush Your Hair

How To Properly Brush Your Hair

You heard the myth if you brush your hair a hundred strokes a day in will be flowing down your back. News flash that’s just a myth, and it won’t grow your hair down your back, but can result in you over-brushing and encouraging hair damage and hair loss. We brush it to keep it from tangling and to style it, but this methodical execution also decides the texture and healthiness of your hair. Brushing your hair the wrong way could lead to hair loss, hair breaking off, and split-ends. Here is a list of hair brushing techniques.

  • Always brush from the tip to the root. Brushing from the root will cause the hair to snap and break off.

  • Never brush when wet. Your hair is in a fragile state when it is wet. Hence, avoid brushing in such condition as it results in hair loss and hair breakage.

  • Moisturize your hair with a serum to protect it before using brushing. Give special importance on the “midsection” and end of your hair. Serum strengthens and will reinforce your hair.

  • Before brushing divide your hair in sections. This will allow you to detangle without causing any hair loss. Always start from the bottom and work your way up to the roots.

  • Does brushing your hair help it grow? When brushing your hair do it gently, brushing will help circulate the blood flow to your scalp to encourage hair growth.

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