Does Rogaine work for Women

Rogaine for women is the first FDA-approved hair loss treatment that is clinically proven to regrow hair in women.

Does Rogaine work for Women

Does Rogaine work for Women

Rogaine also helps to reverse the development of inherited hair loss. Luckily, Rogaine can assist in stopping or preventing hair loss if it’s treated early enough. In some cases, it can even help regrow new hair. Rogaine applied directly to the scalp will only work if your hair loss is the result of a women suffering from diffuse androgenetic alopecia. This condition consist of thinning of the hair that can result in baldness.

Does Rogaine For Women Work

Rogaine does not work for everyone. And you should stop using it if there is no sign of hair regrowth after 4 months. Although, it is extremely beneficial for women with hereditary alopecia triggered by elevated levels of androgens such as testosterone.

How does Rogaine for women work? It causes the hair follicles to become smaller in size by process of rejuvenating thus increasing the size of the hair and encouraging hair growth. The hair anagen phase, which is the growing phase is extended if used daily, as a result produces thicker and longer hair. The success of Rogaine is contingent on how far your hair loss has become, because it is only successful in slowing the activity of your hair thinning and will not aid the growth of hair on a entirely hairless scalp.

Although, in the beginning stages hair loss will occur before invigorating hair growth. Hence, the increased shedding of hair experienced in the beginning stages following the use of Rogaine is a plus. It’s letting you know it’s working because the new hair growing out pushes the old ones out of the skin pores.

But remember, Rogaine is a prevention treatment for hair loss. Not a treatment that cures your hair loss condition. You would have to take it for life if you want to continue to preserve your results. Because if you stop, you will most likely return to your past pattern of hair loss within several months of discontinuing treatment So for those wondering does Rogaine for women work? The answer is Yes, but with conditions.

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