How To Stop Postpartum Hair Loss

Losing or thinning of hair is a everyday symptom of postpartum hair loss.

How To Stop Postpartum Hair Loss

How To Stop Postpartum Hair Loss

Although, most mothers have know idea that this could happen to them while carrying her bundle of joy. Mothers who have given birth and encountered this issue before have some idea on how to prevent postpartum hair loss. It can be fairly easy and sometimes lessening or preventing the hair loss completely. Even though the steps for preventing hair loss are quite easy, they encircle your whole life. In order to lessen the severity of postpartum hair loss you need to follow these steps listed below. If your hair loss continues for more than 3 months after having your baby contact your doctor, because it could be a more serious medical condition.

Step 1 – Try to eliminate any stress in your life. This will significantly reduce postpartum hair loss. Also having a healthy diet and exercising daily lowers your stress levels.

Step 2 – Keep taking your prenatal vitamins for at least three months after giving birth. Postpartum causes a deficiency in zinc, manganese and vitamin B12, all of these vitamins are contained in prenatal vitamins.

Step 3 – Be compassionate with your hair and hairstyles tight styling will stress the hair follicle and can cause damage in the fragile hairs caused by postpartum. When shedding occurs to prevent excess hair loss shampoo only when necessary. Avoid blow-dryers, curling and flat irons if at all possible, and avoid any chemically based treatments.

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