Is It Safe To Perm Hair When Pregnant?

One of the most common fears that pregnant women face is the fear of exposing their unborn baby to dangerous chemicals and deadly substances.

Sadly our beauty and hair care products contain a fair amount of these harmful ingredients, especially our hair-straightening products.

Being pregnant can leave many women feeling less than attractive, so they feel no need to pay close attention to their overall beauty routine. Although some woman’s emotional state might encourage them to stay on top of their beauty routine. Others might query the consequences of chemical hair relaxers on their unborn babies while pregnant.

Is It Safe To Perm Hair When Pregnant?

Is It Safe To Perm Hair When Pregnant?

Is it safe to perm hair when pregnant?

Even though there is little research to specify that chemical hair relaxers are explicitly dangerous for an unborn fetus, most health-care providers use caution when advising pregnant patients as to whether the procedure is entirely non harmful.

With little knowledge out there to specify that getting a perm or chemically relaxer will harm your unborn fetus. The fumes might be irritating, but the vulnerability probably isn’t important enough to have any ramification on your baby. There are hair-processing solutions that may use solvents, and while there is concern about the effects of solvents on a growing fetus, that’s most likely a problem for women who work around solvents all day and develop signs from the exposure.


One of the problems when using a chemical hair relaxer during pregnancy is that it might soak through the skin on the scalp and may cause possible harm to the unborn fetus. Also, the chemical fumes from hair relaxers are very poisonous. Even if your health-care provider allows you to proceed with the procedure, you’re likely to have a tough time finding a stylist willing to apply the relaxer to your hair. Many might turn down the opportunity and money to perform the treatment simply for safety reasons.


Because of pregnancy hormones, the appearance of your hair might be somewhat different, causing it to respond uncertain to the chemicals. For instance, instead of being smooth and straight hair, your hair might be rough and kinky. The chemicals response could also result in hair loss.


If you are hesitant about the use of chemical relaxers on your hair during pregnancy, there are options. Even if it would be a longer process, one alternative is round brush your hair or straighten your hair with a dryer. You can also pull it up in a loose bun and Maybe give yourself a small piece of spiral curl on each side. Even adding a scarf or hat could give you a fashionable look.
And lastly,make sure you do not leave the chemicals on your hair for longer than what’s suggested, and thoroughly rinse the relaxer off your hair and scalp.

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