PCOS And Hair Regrowth

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or (PCOS)

Hair Loss And PCOS And Treatment

Hair Loss And PCOS And Treatment

is a hormonal disorder recognized by cysts on the ovaries, overabundance of androgens and insulin resistance. PCOS is known to affect 40 to 60 percent of women throughout the world. It can also cause a variety of scalp and skin problems as well as leading to infertility, but the most detected symptoms of PCOS is extreme hair loss and hair thinning, in addition to, weight gain, unwelcomed hair growth, unbalanced menstrual cycle, and skin problems.

The hair loss is called androgenic alopecia, and is generated by unneeded hormones. The unneeded hormones get transformed into DHT, an ‘inadequate’ form of the hormone that triggers the hair to fall out. Hormones a lot of the times transform into DHT due to long-term stress, so taking care of yourself and watching your stress levels is very significant. When hair loss occurs it’s predominantly at the temples, hairline and top of the head, rather than all over the head.

PCOS is a disorder specified by a gathering of indications and symptoms. The symptoms of PCOS that one individual encounter can be very distinct from the symptoms of another individual. In order to prevent hair loss, you need to know what the symptoms consist of. If you have 2 of 3 of the following symptoms, contact your physician to have an in-depth checkup and blood test to determine if you need PCOS treatment:

PCOS Symptoms Checklist

  • Multicystic ovaries

  • Thinning hair, hair loss, peeling or irritate scalp

  • Reduced strength, fatigue, chronic exhaustion

  • Irregular cycles

  • Decreased interest in sex (low libido)

  • Mood swings, depression, and anxiety

  • Excessive weight gain

  • Acne or frequent skin problems

  • Sleep disorders

  • Hirsutism or unwanted hair growth. Hirsutism is due to hormonal changes in androgens. Infertility problems in conception or getting pregnant

  • Diabetes

PCOS And Hair Loss Remedies

Pcos and hair loss remedies starts with a early diagnosis. Treatments are then selected based on an individual’s conditions. Treatment for PCOS may include:

  • Oral contraceptives to regulate menstruation

  • Insulin-sensitizing medications

  • Anti-Androgens medications

  • Topical anti-hair-growth medications

  • Treating Infertility with Ovulation induction

  • Treatments for hair loss

  • Acne treatments

  • Removal of other skin problems

There has been PCOS hair loss regrowth success, so don’t give up on treatment. One of the best treatment for hair loss due to PCOS is a healthy way of living. A healthy diet, exercise, and low stress levels can assist in regulating your menstrual cycle and lower your blood glucose levels and the massive health problems it can cause.

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