Things To Help Hair Grow Faster

Want stronger longer healthier hair?

How To Get Longer Hair Naturally

How To Get Longer Hair Naturally

Start your journey by incorporating things to help grow hair stronger and longer. The process can be frustrating but perseverance is the key. It won’t be an overnight fix but in time you will see the results if you stick with the hair care regime. Making sure your hair remains in good health and well fortified will make it grow out more naturally. Remember to be patient with the process. Although you can promote growth by taking care of your hair from physical harm, time no matter what will be the crucial circumstance in growing it out. Below is a list of things you can incorporate in your hair regime.

  • Omega 3 For Hair – Adding Omega 3 fatty acids to your diet can assist to prevent hair loss and even stimulate scalp to grow hair healthier, and at a quicker rate. Omega 3 fatty acids contain anti-inflammatory properties, that can help in opening the hair follicles, and stimulating healthy hair growth.

  • Lack of Protein – What Is Hair Made OF ? The answer is protein, that’s why it’s so important to incorporate it into our diets. Protein provides the foundation that allows us to restore, or grow hair. Individuals that don’t get the proper amount of protein in their diets, such as those with anorexia nervosa or on any intense weight-loss diet, will reduce the speed of new hair growth. Naturally, hair will shed, due to lack of protein it will not grow back as fast. Malnourishment also exhausts the body of additional nutrients essential for hair growth. In the end, malnourishment and rapid weight loss will result in the downsizing in making the hormone, which can result in hair loss. A variation of vegetables, legumes, and grains can supply all of the necessary amino acids our body needs. Here are a few healthy protein sources Broccoli, Black beans, Chickpeas, Lentils, Spinach, and peanut butter.

  • Increase Blood Flow – Learn how to increase blood flow to the scalp by doing oil massages. By increasing the supply of blood to your hair follicles you increase and supply nourishment for growth to your hair. The more nourishment you can dispatch to your hair the stronger and longer it will grow. When your hair is shut off from the dispatch of nourishment for a long time it becomes fragile, lifeless, breakable and does not thrive. You need to supply your hair with nourishment to keep it thriving. By increasing blood circulation to your scalp using oils to massage and promote blood circulation at the exterior of the scalp, you restore the hair follicles, causing them to grow stronger hair. When massaging the scalp you can use olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil or an oil of your liking. You should massage the scalp one to three times a week.

  • Blow Dry On Cool Setting – Blow dryers can result in damage hair if you are using very high heat. High heat can lead to over drying of the hair and harm the structure. When blow drying you should always be moving the dryer and not holding it in one place, also keep the air moving throughout the sections of hair at a cool setting. You should also limit the use of blow drying your hair no more than twice a week.

  • Shampoo Less – Washing your hair every day, results in the removal of the sebum, which is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands. Sebum plays an important role in the health of your hair. This oily substance helps to keep your hair moisturized, and safeguards against breakage provoked by the hair shaft becoming dry and brittle. It is suggested that individuals should wash their hair no more than two or three times a week. And when shampooing utilize a gentle natural shampoo free of harsh chemicals.

  • Stress Causing Hair Loss – Stress is one of the most recurrent sources of unexpected hair loss. Illnesses , major surgeries, accidents, severe emotional stress, or other distressing events can direct hair follicles into the resting phase prematurely. Once you get through this distressing events it’s merely a matter of waiting it out. And your hair should start growing back naturally again.

  • Sunlight Benefits Hair – Sunlight is good for hair, spend some time outdoors and soak up some sun and let your body get the vitamins it requires to give you healthy hair. Sunlight enables your body to manufacture Vitamin D that stimulates the growth of your hair and prevents hair loss.

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