Tips On How to Remove Scalp Buildup

Scalp buildup can be damaging for both men and women.

Scalp Build up Removal

Scalp Build up Removal

Scalp buildup is caused by using too much of styling products and inadequate cleansing. Using styling products such as hairspray, gels, and conditioners, especially those with wax fillers can result in build up on your scalp. Not shampooing regularly, or cheap shampoos that don’t entirely clean thoroughly, eventually a mixture of dead skin cells and oil will result in scalp buildup. Scalp build up causes numerous scalp conditions due to products that we use or residue from the surroundings or conditions in which we live in. In addition to making the hair more burdensome to manage, scalp buildup can also result in offensive flaking, dandruff, and a dry itchy scalp.

Scalp Build Up Removal To Prevent Hair Loss

In order to remove white scalp residue from your hair, you need to diagnose what type of build up is gathering on the scalp and hair shaft. If you have white buildup on the scalp, make sure it’s product build up and not dandruff, because the treatments are totally different.

With scalp buildup if a vigorous attempt is not taken to disturb or free products that have buildup and settled on the scalp, you will experience white scalp residue once the hair dries. This type of scalp buildup is also greasy and adhesive— like a coating covering the scalp due to product build up. Jelly like substances, serums and essential oils and grease products can as well generate sticky films that integrate with sebum and scattered fragments on our scalp resulting in what looks like flaking, dandruff, and scaly scalp conditions, but in reality is product buildup. Dandruff is triggered by a yeast, which antagonizes the scalp, and is noticeable by scaling on the scalp that can be itchy and flaky.

  • First method: Use white or apple cider vinegar and warm water a few drops of your preferred essential oil is optional. Shampoo your hair as usual and then add a 1/2 ratio of apple cider vinegar and water and essential oils in a container. Mix well and then apply over your scalp and hair. Leave in for 2 to 5 minutes and wash out with cold water to seal.

  • Second method: Using a good clarifying shampoo and massaging thoroughly with your fingers to remove the debris buildup on the scalp. Or by using a scalp brush to rejuvenate your scalp by getting rid off flakes, build up and dirt. Regular use certainly isn’t advocated due to clarifying shampoos being harsher than regular shampoos.

  • Third method: You can use baking soda to remove buildup from your hair. Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 3 cups of water into a container. Mix well and apply all over your hair and massage for 2 to 5 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly with cold water.

Always remember, when clarifying your hair you are removing all build up from your hair. Always condition your hair after cleansing to put moisture back in your hair. A deep conditioning will restore moisture.

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